was born in Yamanashi, Japan and began her training at Miwa’s Ballet studio/laboratory in 2001. She learned classic ballet from Miwa Koyoshi and contemporary dance from Satoshi Masaki and Mayumi. She has received important awards as the first prize at the 65th National Dance Co mpetition in Contemporary Dance by the Tokyo Newspaper Com pany and 1st prize for The 41st Saitama Prefecture Dance Association National Contest in 2008. Ms. Masaki was accepted at the Austrian Ballet School. From 2011 to 2013, Ms. Masaki received the Award of Excellence in All Japan Ballet Union Competition. Simultaneously to her graduation from the ABS, Ms. Masaki was promoted to ABC Tokyo Ballet Company as a Soloist Dancer in 2013. She has performed as a guest dancer in Lima, Peru and regularly performs soloist roles with the company.



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