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For the past 25 years, Artistic Director Vladimir Issaev’s passion and commitment to bringing the best ballet productions, has contributed to the success of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida developing it as a solid organization where company dancers have also devoted their time and creativity.  As a result, the South Florida area has a stunning ballet company for all its residents to enjoy. 


Since its inception in 1997, Arts Ballet produces a full season of excellent works of classical Russian-style ballets, New-Classical ballets and Contemporary dance works, making professional ballet performances accessible to broad audiences including students, the elderly and to the diverse residents and visitors of our area. 


The company dancers are awarded international artists who have received the greatest accolades due to the high quality and technique they bring to the stage.  They have made of our company a sundry organization that truly represent the diversity of South Florida. 


We open in October with an exciting program that includes contemporary and neo-classical ballets:  “Four Seasons”, “Eros Game” by Alberto Mendez and “Fuga con Pajarillo” with music by Aldemaro Romero and choreography by Vladimir Issaev accompanied by the recently founded Kameristika Chamber Orchestra.  


In December, the company performs the beloved production of “The Nutcracker” with choreography by Vladimir Issaev.


The third production of our season is always particularly devoted to family offerings and Arts Ballet will perform “Dr. Ouch” with a renewed production. 


In April, the company concludes with the “Spring Ballet Gala” offering our professional dancers the opportunity to showcase their fantastic skills performing the most challenging classical Pas the Deux and neoclassical pieces.  Additionally, the company will be part of the XXIV International Ballet Festival of Miami, the International Young Dancers Festival in Lima, Peru; the Daniel Lewis Miami Dance Sampler, the Miami International Ballet Competition and performances in conjunction with The Opera Atelier.

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