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Check out what Critics are saying about LATIN BRAVURA our kick start of the season!

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida opened their 2017-2018 season with a program that exactly matched the name: the uplifting, vibrant energy (bravura) from the dancers was felt by the audience with four ballets that reflect South-American and Spanish culture and choreography.

Viva España

The performance opened with “Viva España”, a new short piece by Vladimir Issaev, the artistic director of the company.

The ballet includes a strong, fast choreography for the women in the corp de ballet (composed by both company members and junior corps), changing into duos, trios, and quartets.

Issaev included challenging partnering work that throws the women in the air, interchanges dancers and puts up to four couples onstage at the same time. Beautiful costumes covered the female dancers, that, although different from one another, the skirts accompanied them on every move.

“Viva España” was exciting for the audience to watch, especially when principal dancer Mary Carmen Catoyaappeared towards the end with the entire cast of male dancers, executing a radiant and energetic pas de cinq and leading the whole company for an exuberant and fast finale.

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