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Today performance:

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida

Vladimir Issaev, Artistic Director





Music: Riccardo Drigo
Choreography: Vladimir Issaev / Pas de Deux: Marius Petipa
Costume Design by Jorge Gallardo / Masks by Karneval
Sets by Elena and Igor Bond
Lighting Design by Vladimir Issaev & Bobby Brinson


Harlequin: Keisuke Nishikawa

Columbine: Mary Carmen Catoya

Pierrot: Johnny Almeida

Pierretta: Izumi Masaki

The Fairy: Ayami Sato

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The story takes place during the Carnival festivities in Italy and it is inspired on adaptation of the Commedia dell’arte, which dates back to Italy in the 16th century.
Cassandro has a beautiful daughter Columbine who is in love with Harlequin. However, Cassandro has other plans for Columbine: He wants rich Alessandro to marry the beautiful Columbine and keeps her away from Harlequin by keeping her locked in the house. When Cassandro attends the festivities of the Carnivals he leaves the key to his house to the care of Pierrot. In a moment of inattention Pierretta takes the key from Pierrot and allows Columbine and her lover Harlequin meet to dance their love.
Faithful servants of Cassandro take Harlequin away from Columbine and in their efforts, they break Harlequin by crashing him into the floor. The Good Fairy and her escort appear and, with the help of millions harlequins, bring Harlequin back to life again. When Cassandro returns and sees the chaos, he immediately calls for the Notary to marry Columbine and Alessandro.
Desperately in love, Harlequin cries for the help to the Good Fairy and the millions harlequins who make the two stubborn characters disappear confusing the Notary who ends up having Columbine and Harlequin getting married.
The town celebrates the festivities and the love of Columbine and Harlequin.

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