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The rent fees for New York City’s offices increase with the proximity to the city center. The most expansive items are found in Greenwich and Fifty Avenues. The further is the premise, the more affordable it is. A coworking or a virtual address in downtown could help those whose priority is to have a link to the most luxurious and well-established locations without getting office space for lease in NYC. Coworking usually offers collaboration opportunities, so it is the right place to look for partners, clients, vendors, or like-minded people. One of the local features that are mostly preferred by the newcomers is that here everything is negotiable. The same applies to office rental in NYC. None of the contract items is set in stone, so that a tenant can agree with the landlord and customize the contract in regards to the price, location, use, etc. At the same time, closing a deal might take a month or two. The agreements should be shuffled between the attorneys, the insurance is to be checked and references - verified. Yet, it is just a way things are done in NYC, so there is no reason to stress over it.

John Williams

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