Today performance:


Choreography: Vladimir Issaev

Le Papillon ( The Butterfly )

Ballet in 2 Acts and fours scenes

Music by Jacques Offenbach and Ludwig Minkus



Farfalla – Le Papillon ( The Butterfly): Janis Liu

Prince Djalma: Johnny Almeida

Fairy Hamza: Keisuke Nishikawa

Patimate ( The Gardener): Kevin Zong


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Act 1

An Arabian story. The evil old fairy Hamza has the Emir's daughter Farfalla captive. Looking in the mirror Hamza wishes only to become young and pretty again, but to do this she must be kissed by a young prince.

Farfalla’s lover, gardener Patimate, would do anything to liberate her, but he only makes Hamza furious.

Resting from a hunt Prince Djalma and his entourage enter. Djalma requests a drink. The prince dances a mazurka with the maid and thanks her with a medallion. Hamza flies into a rage, lures the maid into a cage and using her magic stick, a beautiful butterfly emerges: Le Papillon

Later in the forest, the Prince captures Farfalla and demands Hamza to turn the butterfly into a girl so he can marry her, but Hamza immobilizes Djalma instead.


Act 2

Everyone arrives to the palace of the emir Ismaël. Djalma’s tutor Mohammed, asks Hamza to undo the spell to the prince.

It emerges that Farfalla is in fact the Emir’s daughter. The prince tries to embrace Farfalla, however Hamza, lurking nearby throws herself between them and obtains the kiss meant for Farfalla. The spell works for Hamza and she is turned into a beautiful young girl. Prince Djalma is confused. He courts the rejuvenated fairy, and finally marries her and to his disgrace, Hamza becomes ugly and old again.

Farfalla escapes from the palace and Patimate goes after her. Hamza comes to the garden to look for her magic stick with a torch. The Butterfly is attracted by the glow of the torch, but in touching the lamp

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