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MARCH 2023

As we make our commitment to green business practices, our programs will be emailed to our patrons as a PDF file.

Please, join us to create a more sustainable environment in the world of dance.



Chipollino is based on a fairy tale by Gianni Rodari. Under the artistic direction of Vladimir Isaaev, this fun and enjoyable two-act ballet choreographed to music by Karen Khachaturian has been adapted to suit American audiences.

The story tells of the adventures of a group of fruits and vegetables living within The Town of Limonia, where Chipollino is a naughty little green onion who along with his friends Ms. Carrot and Ms. Daisy lives a funny, adventurous life.

Naughty Chipollino steps on the foot of Prince Lemon, and his father Chipollone is taken to prison by mistake. At the castle, Ms. Cherry and her beautiful friends, the flowers, help him liberate his beloved father through a series of mischievous and risky moments.

Chipollino is a wonderful ballet for families who would like to introduce their young ones to the magical world of dance, through a fun and happy story. The colorful staging and “cartoon–like” choreography make this ballet one of the most popular pieces of repertoire performed by Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida.

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