Cesar Murillo- “7”

Cesar Murillo-  “7”
Cesar Murillo-  “7”
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Cesar Murillo-  “7”

January 2013, Doral, Florida, USA

The work represents the desire for the people of Venezuela to break free from the chains of oppression and domination by the control of the state and crony capitalists. Venezuela is under fascist rule, where the state attempts to use propaganda and "newspeak" to invert history and diminish intellectual thought. In 2006 an additional star was whimsically added to the Venezuelan flag, " The Bolivarian Star". Chavez, has also decreed that all artwork by Venezuelan artists are property of the State, he has also made moves to change the national record of art and culture. Venezuelans are not bobos. They are passionate, full of humor, with a zest to explore and discover. No matter what the veneer the state creates, underneath, the people know better and will always find a way.



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