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Gregg Rivero “Gordas”
Gregg Rivero “Gordas” ( Chubby Ladies ) Technique: Graffiti ..
Ruben Laine “Bodies of Light”
Ruben Laine – “Bodies of Light”  Miami 2013 ..
Lauramar Yee - "Paradise"
  Lauramar Yee - "Paradise" Mixed media: Pointe shoe, water color, lacquer, feathers..
Monica Mercedes Fernandez- “My place in the world today”
Monica Mercedes Fernandez- “My place in the world today” Mixed media: Recycle sculpture, Mix ..
Clara Poupel- “An Eye On The Planet”
  Clara Poupel- “An Eye On The Planet”   Mix media. November 30, 2013, Miam..
Daniel Mendez- Untitled.
Daniel Mendez- Untitled. Mixed media: Tempera ( Children ) January 18, 2013, Weston, Flor..
Cinthya Hernandez Escobar- “Sadness”
  Cinthya Hernandez Escobar- “Sadness” Mixed media: Lace with sequins, black feather..
Eduardo Caridi-  Untitled
Eduardo Caridi - Untitled   Mixed media 2013   ..
Jean Bazinet
Jean Bazinet  based on "Papillon Se Libre"  (Papillon be free) Mixed media (Gold Pa..
Ana Maria Leonardi- Untitled.3
  Ana Maria Leonardi- Untitled.3 Mixed media: Oil on fabric January 13, 2012, ..
Carlos Tirado- “Esperanza”
  Carlos Tirado- “Esperanza” (Hope) Mixed media: 2010, Miami, Florida, USA ..
Jorge Dager
  Jorge Dager “Realismo” (Realism) Mixed media 2013   ..
Cesar Murillo-  “7”
Cesar Murillo-  “7” January 2013, Doral, Florida, USA The work represents the desire..
Sonia Angel- “Running Ballerina”
Sonia Angel “Running Ballerina” Mixed media (Neon fabric paint) 2013 Weston, Flo..
Pilar Batlle- “Trashy Ballerina”
  Pilar Batlle- “Trashy Ballerina”   Mixed media (Found objects, trash and ..
Jerry Ritter
Jerry Ritter Mixed media: (paint and shadow box) October 14, 2012, Florida, USA ..
Ibrahim Guerra- “Nijinsky’s reflection”
Ibrahim Guerra- “Nijinsky’s reflection” Mixed media: Mixed media (Papier Mache, acrylic paint..
Corinne Wakeland  "The Golden Toes"
  Corinne Wakeland  "The Golden Toes" Mixed media (Acrylic) 2013  ..
Orlando Urdaneta - Untitled
  Orlando Urdaneta - Untitled Mixed Media 2013   ..
Mirna Salamanques Untitled
Mirna Salamanques Untitled Mixed media 2013     ..
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