The Mission of Arts Ballet Theatre is to create, for the enjoyment of the community, professional ballet productions. 

Arts Ballet Theatre provides accessibility, community involvement, education, and training for professional and pre-professional dancers. 

Arts Ballet Theatre also produces high quality works and provides programs that enhance the understanding and appreciation of classical ballet among new audiences.

This project directly supports the organization mission by attracting new and future audiences and inspiring a love of ballet among younger generations who may become patrons, participants and benefactors of the arts.


board of directors

Marcia Sussman-Frantz Lisa Stark Flor Olivares Leslie Rozencwaig Mariela Romero
President Vice President Treasurer, Secretary    
Ada Valiente Frank Loconto Ruth Vernick Nina Allen Fortuna Ludmir
  Sharon Miller Devorah Sasha Lewis Thaler  



15939 Biscayne Boulevard North Miami Beach, FL 33160   305 947 3998 fax 1 888 935 1035

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